Social Media

If your planning on using social media to promote your store, the Social Media settings will help share and link your profiles with your clientele.

To access Capital’s social media settings, select Social media from the General settings tab of your theme settings.

Share buttons

Capital allows you to enable share buttons that appear on product pages - these buttons allow customers to easily share your products with their friends and followers.

To enable a social media service’s share button, just select the checkbox next to its name. The following social media share buttons are available:

You can add profile links to all of your brand’s social media profiles. When enabled, each profile link is displayed as an icon for the associated social media network or service.

To enable a profile link, simply locate your profile page online, copy the URL from your web browser’s address bar, and paste the full URL into the matching profile link setting.


For example, if your username on Twitter is @johnandjanestore, then you would go to your Twitter profile and check the URL in the address bar.

It would read

Use the Show in footer checkbox to show your profile links in the footer. If this checkbox is left unselected, your profile links are hidden.

Here are the profile links that Capital supports: