As of version 7.4.1 and later, all product grid settings are now managed from one space here, under 'Theme Settings' to make a more manageable control point.

Show reviews

Toggle between hidden and visible, making review stars and number appear under your product title in the main Product Grid:


You will need to install Shopify's Product Reviews app before being able to fully enable this option:

Show Vendor

Display the brand - if added within your Shopify settings - within the grid.

If enabled, your customers can use the set Brand to filter the Collection, similar to the standard tag-based option:

Enable color swatches

Enabling this will display the Color swatch images function for your customers to use in their selections.

Please see the guide below for more information relating to this:

Enable size swatches

Similar to the option above, but will display text-based squared Swatches to visually browse between Size variant options for your product in question:

Show low stock indicator

To enable this setting, enter a number that defines low stock for your storefront's inventory.

The indicator only appears when the item’s stock is tracked in the Shopify admin and stock left is equal to or less than the number defined by this setting.

Product Grids

Show additional info on hover:

Display a pop-up/modal, that display the Product description to offer more immediate details to the customer. Can be set to appear either inline horizontally with the cursor or below:

Animate badges

Changes the Product Badges current in place into a horizontal banner and adds a scrolling animation, to better draw customer attention:

For more information relating to the set-up here, please see below: