Capital’s footer is a rich customisable area - you can choose to show lots of store information or just a little.

When your store is viewed on a mobile device - depending on your theme version - the Footer will either appear as resized version still at the bottom of the page, or at the bottom of the Mobile Navigation menu, which appears when the menu button (☰) in the left-hand corner of each page is used.


Show Payment Icons:

Use the Show payment icons checkbox to display any payment methods that your shop accepts. Capital automatically grabs the list of payment methods you accept and displays them, so no other configuration is required.

If you require more information about setting up payment methods, see Shopify’s article Payment settings.

Centre Content:

Moves the content to the centre alignment:


Language Selector:

Displays or hides the Language Selector option for customer use - see below for information referring to the setup:

Currency Selector

Displays or hides the Currency Selector option for customer use - see below for information referring to the setup:

Content Blocks

You can also add profile links to all of your social media accounts from the Social media settings on the General settings tab in your theme editor.

You can assign any two navigation menus to be displayed in the footer using the Show menu 1 and Show menu 2 dropdown menus. You could create special footer-specific navigation menus, use some of your existing navigation menus (like the Departments menu), or both.

If you need more information about navigation menus, see Shopify’s article below:

Contact info

Designed to display the contact information


Edit to change how the title text display:


Change your contact information to suit - emails can be linked to using the mailto: prefix:

Mailing list segments

Using Capital’s mailing list footer block, you can hook up multiple Klaviyo mailing lists to segment your subscribers based on their interests.

To set this up:

  1. Within your theme settings, click to open the Footer menu under the Section settings.

  2. Click the Add mailing list segment button.

  3. Fill out the Title field with your preferred segment title.

  4. Paste in your form action URL for the matching mailing list within Klaviyo.