A template dictates how your product pages, collection pages and blog pages look and operate when a customer visits your site.

Each layout is different according to the specific area of your site and the functionality it requires.

For example, your product page will have the options to display “related products” and “reviews”, whereas your password page, does not need these abilities and instead has more relevant options, such as choosing a “background image” and “show newsletter signup”.

A whole host of options are available for you as part of your theme's default functionality and it’s important that you know how to find these quickly and easily to make changes when needed.


We are always working away behind the scenes here at WeTheme, to continue improving and adding the very best functionality, keeping your store ahead of the competition.

These new features are released as theme updates for you to install manually. For further info on theme updates, we have a great guide available on Theme Updates & Fresh Theme Installations here.