Collection Page

Capital’s collections are built to handle lots of products. Capital uses the typical product collection features expected from Shopify.

For further information, Shopify has a guide on Building product collections in their help center here:

  • See our recommended image dimensions for your collection images (and every other image in Capital) on the Image dimensions page.

You can adjust how collection pages look in Capital. In order to change the settings, you need to navigate to a collections page while using Shopify’s theme editor.

That way, the Collection area appears in the list of theme settings, and you can preview the changes you make to those settings right away.

Collection page settings:

Products per row

Quickly change how many products appear per row. Select between 3 and 5:


Mobile devices do not honour this setting. On smaller screens, Capital only displays 2 products per row.

This ensures that the products are big enough for customers to select.

Collection Sorting

Allow customers to reorder the products in the collection by name, price, date added, and most popular.

Note: This dropdown menu appears at the top, right-hand side of every collection page - the order of these can be set in your ollections admin settings on Shopify

Show Sidebar content

Enable checkbox to display a Sidebar from the left of the screen. Content can be added to display in the whitespace:

Collection description position

Collection filtering

You can add collection filter group here.

Add a name for the Group, and then type the tag name being sure to keep the naming convention for your existing tags is followed:

See the sections below for more information.

On mobile devices, the collection filters can be accessed using the Filter products button at the top of each collection page - the filters appear as a modal window.

Tag filtering:

Choose which tags are shown by using this filter option:


A tool like the Smart Tags app can automatically create tags with the category added to them:

Smart Tags - Shopify Apps

Just choose which option you’d like to create a tag from, and add the option in the “Prefix” field with an “_” added to it.

Lookbook collections

Note: This is an older part of the theme as of Version 7.2 and earlier - 7.3 and later theme versions do not support this.

There is a special collection template for any collection you want to stand out; be it for a special event, a special product line, or to showcase products that go well together.

You can take any collection page in Capital and apply a lookbook layout to it - the lookbook layout enlarges the collection’s featured image, giving the collection underneath a more unified look and feel.

Assign the lookbook layout to any collection when you are adding or editing it from your Shopify admin area.

Ensure that your Capital theme is Published and look for the Theme Templates settings to change the dropdown from collection to collection.lookbook.