Video Hero

Create an effective and polished look to your store front with our silent video section. This section creates a video that'll loop and play continuously, without sound.

This can be seen live in action on our demo store for Flow Bryon.

The Byron Demo store, featuring the Video Hero section.


These settings control the section parameters, as well as the source URL for the video itself.

Video URL

A URL can be added to your hosted video. Youtube, MP4, and Vimeo are all supported. Youtube and Vimeo require URL from its platform, whereas MP4 requires the file to be uploaded to the assets folder, then references used the URL provided.

Note: For youtube links, Capital Version 7.4 and later can also use the shortened form of URL offered in the YouTube share menu, such as below.

If you're working with an earlier theme version, please use the full URL found in the URL Bar at page-top:

To upload a video to your asset's folder, from your Shopify dashboard go to Settings -> Files -> Upload a file.

The URL for the uploaded file, displays in the box highlighted.

Copy this URL, and place into the Video Hero section URL field. Hit save to finalise.

Section Height

Set a height for the section. Options include Small, Medium, Large, Extra large, and Fullscreen. Selecting Fullscreen will make the video the size of the browser window.

Mobile Screen Height

Width control over this section is limited, however height can be adjusted. This sets a height limit specifically for the Mobile View.


Control the text aspects of the video Hero section. Add titles, edit colors, and add buttons.


When text is preset, a header will display over the Video section. This is static, and will not move from its stated position.


Subheadings applied will display the same as headers, however smaller and underneath the header. This Subheadings are static with the Headers and do not move from its specified position.

Text Position

Set the text position of the Heading and Subheading.

Set the position of the Text overlaying the video with various options.

Color & Shadow

Change the color and apply a background shadow to the text displayed.

Heading & Subheading Size

This slider allows the merchant to edit the size of the Heading, Subheading text. Maximum size for the Header text is 60 pixels with the lowest at 16pixels. For the subheading, sizes can range from 12 to 30 pixels.

Other measurements not provided by the User interface would require CSS code in place to edit. We'd recommend reaching out to a specialist for such changes.


Applying text to this field adds a button that can be linked to a product, or a page of your choosing. This displays underneath the Heading and Subheadings. This will move when the text position is specified, with the text.

Link a store element with this button. For example, Pages, Collections, Blog posts, and Products can be linked here.