The Slideshow is one of the first things customers see when landing on your website and offers a dynamic and attention-holding display - used correctly to display standout products and deals, your customers may be enticed into immediate conversions.

Adding a Slideshow section

You can add your Collection list section from your Shopify dashboard here:

  1. Online store → Themes → Customise

  2. Sections

  3. Add section:

5. Choose 'Slideshow:'


These settings control the basic functionality of the section.


Toggling this will change the Slideshow functionality into a stationary image.

Auto-rotate slides

Toggle this to change the Slideshow between manual movement or timed automatic movement. The intervals are displays as seconds, for example, 5s will display each slide for 5 seconds.

The "s" refers to seconds.

Show slide indicator

Adds a subtle bar animation at the Slideshow's bottom edge, to show the slide order:


A checkbox that enabled the fullscreen capabilities of the Slideshow. Enabling will allow the slideshow to take up the full browser height.

Change slides every

Set the amount of time each slide displays. If the above 'Auto-rotate' option is engaged, this decides the time each slide is displayed for in seconds.

Slider arrow color

The arrow colors for the slider can be changed using this setting. The arrows on either side of the screen should reflect changes in color.

Slider indicator color

Toggle to match your preference.


The content is for your Slideshow content. Each content block is separated into Slides.

Overlay Opacity

Add gradient overlay to increase reading visibility.


Add a title to your slideshow:


Add a descriptive subheading:

Button label

Add text to a button icon in your slideshow, to easily direct customers to your products.

Add hyperlink to your slideshow. Click on the image to activate link:

Text Alignment

Set the alignment of the text inside the slideshow.