Featured Collection

Use this section to present selected products to focus the customer’s attention, encouraging more in-depth engagement.

If you are running a promotion, or need to raise awareness for any other reason for a specific group of products, this section can be very beneficial.

You can add your Collection list section here:

  1. Admin

  2. Online store → Themes → Customise

  3. Sections

  4. Add section:

5. Choose 'Featured Collection'




Arranges the products from the collection in an on-screen grid:


Re-arranges the products in to a slideshow, for the customer to click or scroll through:


Link desired collection:

Product Information

Select from Below, on Show on hover or Hide:

If you have enabled one of the options from the Show additional info on hover drop-down menu under Theme settings > Product, this function will be automatically disabled if you select Show on hover is selected under Product information.

Products per row

Choose between two and six products:

Display details

You can use the existing collection details or use custom details by filling in the title and the description:

View all

Add a view all button:


By selecting Display details as grid item, you can display your Title and Description as a block of content within your product grid.

Use the slider to change the Number of rows to display in this section. Between one and six rows can be used: