Image Dimensions


While it's possible to upload your storefront's images in other sizes and aspect ratios, we recommend the following sizes to make your shop look sharp and professional.

The image sizes that we have outlined in pixels are formatted in Width x Height. Unless your customers use high DPI displays, your theme scales down the images to fit perfectly in your customers' browser window.

Image Gallery Section

By default, each image is a landscape-style item which can be changed to portrait. Portrait items take up the space required for two landscape items.

  • Portrait item: 940px x 1268px

  • Landscape item: 940px x 614px

  • Single landscape item: 1920px x 626px

  • Single portrait item: 1920px x 1252px

Password Page Background Image

If your store isn’t open yet, you can stop customers from accessing it by setting up a password-protected storefront.

Recommended background image: 1920px x 1252px

Collection Image

Collection images are set up when you add or edit collections within your Shopify admin under Products > Collections.

  • Recommended image size: 940px x 614px


  • Recommended image size: 480px x 84px

  • Maximum image size: 600px x 84px

Departments Navigation Image

  • Recommended image size: 1288px x 250px

Blog Post Featured Image

  • Recommend image width: 1280 px

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