All the public releases of Capital - outlining bug fixes, theme updates and new features.

Version 7.8.0

6th January 2021

  • Add image carousel to the product page

  • Improve hover effect on product grid items to show variant options

  • Featured Collection section layout improvements, and 'show additional info on hover' setting enabled

  • Add Image With Text Overlay section

  • Slideshow placeholder image improvements and text alignment option added

  • Add option to remove spacing in Features section

  • Add Rich Text section

  • Enable mobile search and improve layout of search results

  • Lock scrolling when mobile menu is open

Version 7.7.3

3rd December 2020

  • Fix for when mega menu sub item on mobile

Version 7.7.2

1st December 2020

  • Improved code with automated testing: Themechecker, Eslint, Stylelint.

Version 7.7.0

12th November 2020

  • Page speed improvements: Add preload attribute for the CSS, fonts and JS

  • Page speed improvements: Add font-display: swap to render text as quickly as possible

  • Page speed improvements: Load CSS specific to the page

  • Predictive search

  • Tidied display of video with text overlay section when no text is added

  • Redundant links removed from password page

  • Option to show shipping and tax information on product page

  • Show placeholders when empty collection selected in the Featured Collection section

  • Surface pickup/Stock location added

  • French translation updated for 'added to cart' message

  • Improved slider functionality on mobile

Version 7.6.0

25th October 2020

  • Set maximum slideshow limit to 5

  • Updated Footer contact section to be more customisable

  • Make Mega menu integrate with Shopify nested menus

  • Improve font alignment and letter spacing on scroll text section on Homepage

  • Swatch alignment optimised on Collection page filter

  • Recently viewed added to Cart page

  • Added an option to choose specific blog posts for Featured blog section on Homepage

Version 7.5.2

22nd September 2020

  • Update default preset to Berlin

Version 7.5.1

26th August 2020

  • Remove spacing from around newsletter and scrolling text section on homepage

Version 7.5

19th August 2020

  • New irregular layout (collage) feature for product grid

  • Tidy up filter functionality

  • Move mobile footer out of header menu

  • New slider design for horizontal scrolling sections

  • New: Scrolling text section

  • Header color improvements

  • New: Chunky nav list section

  • Custom badges feature

  • Mobile filter and sort redesign

  • Improve variant option design on product page

  • New option to animate product badges

  • Custom cursor for product page gallery

Version 7.4.1

6th August 2020

  • Add Shopify Product Reviews support

  • Improve swatches functionality

Version 7.4

22nd June 2020

  • Horizontal scroll for larger menus

  • Language and currency dropdown colour update

  • Swatch fix to ensure sold out options cant be selected

  • Video button width update to match theme

  • Improve featured collection slideshow load in

  • Hide default swatch when no variants available

  • Loading animation for zoom functionality on product images

Version 7.3

20th May 2020

  • Update search button alignment

  • Remove heading setting for Recently Viewed section

  • New section: Video Hero

  • Improve Collection filtering UX

  • Remove 'Wide display' setting for Newsletter section

  • Remove Google+ from social media options

  • Add Tiktok to social media options

  • Show collection list section title even when no collection is added

  • Remove Lookbook page template

  • Removal of 'Use default theme colors' across the theme

  • New 'Full height' option for Slideshow

Version 7.2

14th April 2020

  • Add multi-language and currency support

  • Make unit pricing available to all countries

  • Improve tag filtering functionality

Version 7.1

31st March 2020

  • Add unit pricing support for German and French stores

  • Improve spacing on homepage product tiles

  • Improve slideshow design

  • Improve Map UX and design

  • Mega Menu transition improvements

  • Improve Blog section design

Version 7

6th March 2020

  • Added support for product media: 3D models and video

Version 6.0.1

13th February 2020

  • Removed the Instagram Section from theme as per Shopify requirements

Version 6

16th January 2020

  • Expand functionality and options for 'Featured collections' section

  • Translated into English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese

  • Added in Routes property

  • Product page image right aligned in Berlin demo

  • Match onboarding font size with user specified size

  • Spacing improvement between 'sold out' button

  • Mega menu full width when header is full bleed

  • Footer content fills space when less than 4 columns

  • Editable titles in footer blocks

  • Allow 'Image with text overlay' text to display even if no header is present

  • Ensure featured product image shows on load

  • Link product images in grid (collection page etc) to product page

  • Logo and navigation to use 'header' font not 'body' font

  • Products per row setting reflected when no sidebar enabled

  • Option to add or remove titles on homepage sections

  • Enable variant switching when clicking product thumbnails

  • Featured collections enhanced functionality - info on hover or below, view more button, number of items per row, number of rows

  • Onboarding wording improvements

  • Switched background images to standard images

  • Ensured 'Map address and hours' always show

  • Added a message to guide the user on how to upload a map

  • Allow filtering to work with uppercase tags

  • Add an option to show Collection description on the collection page

  • Improved "Added to cart" alert position so always visible

  • Button text alignment improvement

  • Fix header onboarding configuration and duplicate colour reference

  • Title option for all homepage sections

  • Options to choose badge colours (Sale, New, Sold out, Low stock, Best selling)

  • Highlight chosen variants on product page

Version 5.0.4

19th November 2019

  • Improved onboarding layout

Version 5.0.3

18th November 2019

  • Show search form on search page

  • Improved text alignment on logo text

  • Feature product slider text updated to follow typography settings

  • Feature product header updated to H2

Version 5.0.2

7th October 2019

  • Removed footer theme reference

  • Changed default preset to Sofia

Version 5.0.1

2nd October 2019

  • Removed duplicate price on Product page

Version 5

1st October 2019

  • Onboarding improvements - Sample text and images used to improve UX

  • Slideshow improvements - Added optional overlay

  • Dropdown improvements - Added more spacing, and typography option to change font size

  • Header improvements - Option to have logo on left

  • Announcement Bar - Moved outside of header to make it easier to find

  • Typography improvements - Formerly no option to change header alignment, added in with option to change case

  • Changed presets based on new demo stores

  • Product page improvements - Option to have images on left/right, and buy now above/below product description

  • Home page animations and page fades - Slight anims to soften the homepage design

  • Replace India flag SVG - Not sure what it was before, not the India flag (merch request)